Shabby chic, Beach house and French Country 

          antique and vintage furnishings for your home, nursery, office or business.

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  The color white evokes comfort, serenity, peace, rest, innocence, cleanliness and purity.  Think of pure sugar or creamy vanilla ice cream, gardenias, roses and daisies, white sandy beaches, comfortable cotton t-shirts and faded denim jeans…okay well they are blue normally but you get the idea.  I want my surroundings to have similar qualities.  When you walk into my home it says “kick off your shoes and relax”. Comfort, to me, includes the beauty of imperfections, the allure of time-worn objects, and the appeal of simple practical living.

Some would argue that white is no color, I say it is…and it is in it’s purest form, you just have to appeal to other senses to bring out the true beauty in it.  

White is omnipresent; whether it is tables, chairs or cupboards, beds or linens paired with heirloom pieces.  White is above all associated with lightness and clarity and is regarded as timeless and easily combined with other colors or tone on tone with muted shades of white and beige, and also with different material combinations .  By adding textures, candles, crystal, pewter, silver and mirrors you instantly add elegance to simplicity.  The possibilities are endless.

My pieces are gathered from the surrounding areas of Austin, Texas.  I love the ability to help support our local businesses, craftsmen, resellers and artisans. 

My services include sales, refinishing, refurbishing, locating that exact piece and room design. 

                                                              Let me help to add some comfort to your life.

~ Some photos courtesy of the world wide web...Sharing some of my pieces, quotes from my mentors and photos from some of my favorite designers, blogs and their sites ~


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Billie Nixon
Austin, TX
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