Specializing in Beach home designs with Shabby Chic and French Provencial influences.

It all began with my being frugal.  When I was designing my daughters nursery 6+ years ago I thought to myself, WHY would you pay $top dollar for a piece of furniture from a big box store...only to find you need to replace it a year later????  And so it began....I am forever in search of a solid well built piece of furniture that will become an heirloom piece. 

I offer my design services on any budget, from home staging for sale or entire homes and anything in between, do not focus on the scale, but simply the style. 

When it comes to my pieces:

Each piece, when lovingly restored and refinished, will become a one of a kind piece.  Please submit a photo (or two, or three) via email and I will give you a quote to refinish your cherished items.  Custom refinishing is available on a first come first served basis but can normally be done in a week or less.  I only work on real wood...sorry...no "I_ _ _" pieces!  If you have any questions at all please, by all means just call or email me...

Minimum charge for this service is $75.00  *NOTE* This is minimum...larger pieces, repairs, pre painted prep etc. will bring the cost up.  I do not strip paint, I will but it's gonna cost ya!  :)

Email photos for a quote!

Pick up and delivery charges based on each individual circumstance (distance and difficulty)

Room design:

Let me know your budget and I will help you make it happen!
I specialize in all things white...but of course if you have other colors in mind I will gladly accommodate those as well!

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